What is Legal & General Advocacy?

Advocates offer support for sexual assault survivors and significant others as they navigate through legal and medical systems. Survivors can choose to have an advocate present at the hospital during examinations with Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (S.A.N.E.)

Advocates sustain victims as they make reports to law enforcement, undergo forensic interviews, and navigate the court system. However, advocates are not lawyers and do not act in that capacity.

Advocates assist individuals in accessing community resources and information. This may include providing options for therapy and counseling, information for emergency housing and referrals to appropriate agencies in the community.

What Is 24 Hour Medical Advocacy?

Advocates assist adults, adolescents, children and hospital emergency room personnel during forensic examinations. Clothing is provided when the client's clothing is kept as evidence. Transportation provided as needed.

What Is Crime Victim Advocacy?

Crime Victim Advocates promote victim empowerment and support victims' right to make informed decisions and choices. Our services include 24 hour crisis/support line, counseling, medical and legal advocacy, and courtroom support for victims of all crimes and those who may be affected or impacted by the crime.

Advocates also provide outreach and awareness about violence, crime victimization, and victim rights. Advocates work very closely with local prosecutors, law enforcement and community service organizations to meet the individual needs of each victim, family member and the community at large to ensure their rights are upheld and promoted.